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    Jeremy BalducJeremy Baldic

    I live in ironwood Michigan,could I pleas have access to the zello channel please and password, so i can use the repeaters.

    Joe KudloJoe Kudlo

    I’m curious did you ever find out about the zello Password? I’d like to be able to use it as well but I can’t figure where to go or to whom to go to find out about access to the channel.

    Jay RachauJay Rachau

    The general rule is we don’t give Zello access unless we hear you on the repeaters and even then it’s a very limited basis. Are goal is to promote the radio hobby and we don’t want 2 Zello users tying up 10 to 13 repeater that are not local to the Midwest system. I hope you understand where we are coming from on this.

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Jay WRCQ487
    LakePorter675 owner.

    Clement KlimaClement Klima

    I’m also interested in Zello access. I’m on the repeaters with Radio on a regular basis but my coverage to Gundy is very limited at home in Downers Grove. I downloaded the Zello App on my phone it would be nice to use it there.


    Jeffrey NewportJeffrey Newport

    Any update to who I would reach out to


    Dale HoyumDale Hoyum

    Hi, how do repeater owners get zello access? Do I need to fill out a form? Thanks! Dale

    Chris HendricksonChris Hendrickson

    I had Zello on my phone and them only reason why was until I get a HT. I took it off my phone after a few “comments” I got when I asked.

    Roy SchroederRoy Schroeder

    Clem, did you ever get this resolved? I live in Wheaton, 43 miles from Grundy, I can only get to repeater on a perfect day. Or when I am on the road.

    Gary NaeseGary Naese

    I would also like zello acces, I have and would also like to participate in the family fun net on Saturdays and since the Grundy700 repeater is down I do not live close enough to any others that I can contact.
    Gary A Naese

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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