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    Robert BaldygaRobert Baldyga

    UPDATE/EDIT 4/9/2021:

    Thank you JB – WREY478 for bringing a dump trailer with wood in it! This will fulfil the wood needs and is much, MUCH appreciated!

    Hello everyone!

    As promised, I’m hosting the next big Midwest GMRS get-together coming up here in June. The place I’ve chose is called Lake Shabbona State Park and is located at 100 Preserve Rd, Shabbona, IL 60550. The weekend that I have chosen is Friday-Sunday, June 11th – 13th. I’ve been here before and this place is really, really nice! It has tons of fishing, hiking, camping and boating! You can even rent a boat too if you so desire or bring your own boat and launch it there! There is also a bait/tackle shop and restaurant with ice cream too! Come one, come all and be sure to bring your entire family, ESPECIALLY your kids! The camp sites have provisions for larger RV’s/5th wheels/ect and they also have tent camping. Whichever you chose they will be able to accommodate!

    The Illinois DNR runs this state park so I suggest reading their website as well for more info:

    From the website:
    “The campground has available 150 Class A Premium campsites, with 90 campsites available for advanced reservation through ExploreMoreIL. Additionally, 60 campsites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. All sites have electricity, picnic tables, fire rings and vehicle access. A sanitary dump station is available to all campers. One family is allowed per campsite, or four unrelated adults with up to two tents.”

    The online reservation system works as well and it’s located here:

    My two kiddos and I will be coming out Friday night and will not be leaving until Sunday late afternoon staying both Friday night and Saturday night! We will be camping in the rugged truck so feel free to also camp overnight both Friday and Saturday, or just Saturday, or you could even show up for the day Saturday morning and leave Saturday night or Sunday morning and leave Sunday night! The choice is 100% yours but this is a large park so if you want to fish, hike and explore, you probably want to come out Saturday morning and stay the night and leave Sunday!

    The GROUP meetup day will be both Saturday, June 12th and Sunday June 13th

    For both of these days, I have already reserved a group shelter spot called “Shabbona Grove Picnic Shelter” located near the southwest portion of the lake. (You can find it on the website above) (GPS Info: 41.73765715, -88.8628571; 41° 44′ 15″ N 88° 51′ 46″ W). The hours are 6AM – 8PM! (Although if you show up at 6AM, there is a 0% chance I’ll be there!)

    50 is, AT THIS CURRENT TIME, a hard person limit due to COVID which is why I decided to make this a 2 day event to both spread it out and to be more accommodating! I discussed this with Justin (WRFR912) and we both recognize that some cannot make it out one day or the other on the weekend which is also why I decided to book the group area for both Saturday and Sunday! There is a playground nearby for the kiddos, bathrooms, and a fire pit as well! The group area does not have electricity so I will be providing quiet electricity for radios as needed! There won’t be a need to bring any generators so please leave them at home! If anything special is needed power-wise, please contact me directly but I am bringing a 2000 watt inverter power system so we should have plenty of power! There is running water close to the group area but last year they had to turn that off due to covid restrictions and they are unsure if they will be able to have running water so I will also be bringing potable water to wash your hands as well!

    If you are able, PLEASE BRING FIREWOOD! I have limited space in my truck to bring wood which I’ll need for my own camp site so if everyone can bring a 5 gallon bucket or two of wood I think that would suffice!

    For the day on Saturday, I will be setting up in the late morning (Figure by 10AM after I feed the kiddos breakfast) and I’ll be BBQ’ing a late lunch / early dinner (Figure 1-3PM). All food and drinks (non-alcoholic) will be provided including water, pop and juice pouches for the kiddos! We’ll have hot dogs, burgers and brats so please, *PLEASE*, do not worry about bringing food as there will be plenty of it!! If you have dietary restrictions and the provided food won’t work for you, I 100% understand, then bring your own. If you want to bring something extra, please bring a desert or snacks such as chips, cookies, or sides (Potato salad/beans/broccoli/ect)
    For Sunday morning, I will be providing coffee & donuts but will not be cooking for the group. If you want to cook breakfast, you can either at your camp site (If you stayed Sat night) or you can head over to the same picnic shelter and cook breakfast for yourself/kids/family there.

    At this current time of writing there are 30 sites left for this weekend (Friday – Sunday)

    We have two different repeaters we can use to communicate; one is offline and one is linked to the Midwest!

    For off-network communication, the RUGGED 575 should work and cover most parts of the park. Please email me for access to the Rugged 575 if you don’t already have the tones and I’ll send you the public tone!
    For on-network, linked communication, the GRUNDY 700 also reaches most parts of the park as well! Please email the owner of the Grundy 700 and he can also send you the tone if you don’t have it!

    There is no cover charge/fee to meet up with us, just bring your friends/family, fishing poles, firewood and radios and there is a 100% chance you’ll have a great time! I want to see this be the absolute best meet up to date so please reach out to me directly if you have any questions, comments or concerns, otherwise please post here and I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread over the next couple months. There are no real hard reservation camping deadlines but common sense tells us all that booking SOONER rather than later is in everyone’s best interest! I recognize that not everyone can plan this far out with work/life so feel free to buddy up with each other as well because remember, you can have more than one tent per site. So, for example, I’ll have my truck and no tent so on my site alone, we could easily accommodate 2 more tents so if you don’t have a choice but to “wing it” and just show up, there is a GOOD chance that between all the people that are camping for the night, you should be good to find a spot to sleep for the night with a tent.

    Travel distances are below for quick reference:

    — 7 miles directly east off of Interstate 39 off of US route 30
    — 2 hours, 15 min from Baraboo, WI
    — 2 hours from Milwaukee, WI
    — 1 hour, 45 minutes from Madison, WI
    — 1 hour, 10 minutes from Janesville, WI
    — 1 hour, 35 minutes from Gary, IN
    — 3 hours, 45 minutes from Indianapolis, IN

    I need a hard count by Monday, June 7th so that I can get the correct amount of food for both Saturday and Sunday so please RSVP with your name, call sign, what days (Saturday, Sunday or both), and how many total people will be coming so I can keep track of it on an Excel sheet!

    Please feel free to reply here with an RSVP or directly to me via email: Those of you that have my number, please do NOT text me to RSVP.

    Thanks, and I look forward to seeing everyone!
    Rob – WRDU235

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    Jay RachauJay Rachau

    Tagged for updates. Thanks Rob!!!

    Morris TaiblesonMorris Taibleson

    Keep me updated please.

    Shawn PegramShawn Pegram

    I got a spot for the weekend.

    Jay RachauJay Rachau

    What sight did you get, I’ll see if I can get one close to you.

    Robert BaldygaRobert Baldyga

    Are you *SURE* you wanna camp next to me Jay??? hahahaha,

    My site I booked is number 93 in the Merganser loop. I believe it’s number 94 that’s right next to the bathroom which I specifically avoided as they are out-houses. You can put 2+2 together on that I’m sure.

    Either way I wanted book in that loop because I didn’t want to be on the main strip heading east towards the lake because it gets a LOT of traffic as it’s the main road (I learned this from being there last year). My kids know not to go near cars but why be on the main strip is my point.


    Jay RachauJay Rachau

    LOL, I don’t snore at all, at least I never heard me snore 🙂

    I look into the loop area.

    Robert BaldygaRobert Baldyga

    LOL! I was referring more to the fact that you’ll stay up way too late and party….

    See picture attached to the main loop. If we all wanna camp in the same area that’s our choice. That and the other loop is totally booked!! THe other option is the main road but I’d think if we’re all in the loop that would be fun!


    Main Road:


    Jay RachauJay Rachau

    LOL, there is that too.

    Shawn PegramShawn Pegram


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    Jay RachauJay Rachau

    I’m booked for camping both nights, site 124. I looked at the other circle and the lots are to small for my big 14×10 canvas tent and I don’t want to set it up on the gravel. I do like how wooded and private those sites are.

    Donnie Boe,Sr.Donnie Boe,Sr.

    I got 123

    Jay RachauJay Rachau

    Sweat, hammerslogging time 🙂

    Robert BaldygaRobert Baldyga

    Omg! I love hammerachlaggen!! I have a dedicated small hand sledge for it (the handle is a bit maimed as to be expected) and I prefer concrete nails instead of 16 pennies!

    Jay, if you can muster up a giant stump of wood I’ll bring bring hammer and 10 pounds of nails!!


    Jay RachauJay Rachau

    I’ll come up with the stump.

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