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    Tyler StutsmanBenjamin Stutsman

    Hello all,

    I’m working on getting my first mobile set up in my truck. I purchased a Kenwood TK-8180-K that came with the power harness and mic. I’ve ordered a programming cable for it as well. Can anyone help point me in the right direction for programming software as well as suggestions for a modestly priced antenna. I’d like to cap the price of an antenna at $200.


    Ben Stutsman

    Robert CairnsRobert Cairns

    Hello Ben. I have the same radio and bought the cable and software on eBay. Just search to find it. Hope this helps.


    John PoironJohn Poiron

    Hello Ben,
    I recently bought the Kenwood KPG-89D Version 1.6 on e-Bay for about $22.
    It runs on Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. When you buy, make sure the seller gives you
    the program activation key code. You need this key to install the program on your PC.
    Buy from someone who accepts returns.

    As for the cable, I had a KPG-46U on hand. I bought it for my Kenwood TM-281
    2 meter ham xcvr. The KPG-46U worked fine for me on the TK-8180.

    You didn’t indicate whether you would mount to the roof, or somewhere on the body, or maybe on a mirror bracket;
    but for my ham radios on 2 meters, I have been using Larsen mag mounts with great success. And they won’t
    cost you $200. Get an antenna rated for 450 – 470 mHz

    Morris TaiblesonMorris Taibleson

    I believe CHIRP software will work on that Kenwood and it is free. Just need the programming cable.

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