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Over the past 2 weeks we have made some changes to adapt to the growing National GMRS Net. Starting June 4th the Midwest Regional Net will be held on Thursday Night at 7PM Central Time. Since we missed our Regional net this week you will need to check in using the link below to participate in this Sundays National Net. The national net does not have an on-air check-in portion so if you wish to talk you must register myGMRS National Net – Online Check-in Going forward check in for the National Net will be taken during the Thursday Regional Net.

myGMRS National Net

The myGMRS National Net System is a series of general purpose radio nets that facilitate open discussion and traffic management, integrating net control operations simultaneously at both regional and national levels in order to efficiently manage communications between large groups of people over a wide geographic area. The system frequently fields well over 100 check-ins from over 50 linked repeaters all over the country!

Join us on any of the linked GMRS repeaters active on the myGMRS network. The schedule of nets is as follows:

General Structure & Checking In

The system is organized into several regional nets that collectively handle the check-in process for a larger national net. Regional nets operate independently from the national net; each is able to set their own script, and agenda.

In doing so, we’re able run an efficient parallel check-in process, have more relevant and pointed discussions at a regional level, and still facilitate the general discussions and exchange of messages at the larger national level.

In order to participate in the national net, you must first check in with one of the regional nets in your area (see above schedule). Alternatively, you can also bypass the regional nets and check into the national net directly by signing up in advance online: myGMRS National Net – Online Check-in. The national net does not have an on-air check-in portion.

ZELLO Access 

It is unfortunate to report that the Greencastle repeater site was hit by lightning on Tuesday May 26th. The damage was extensive, the repeater, our Zello interface, several pieces of network gear and the assorted gear to tie all this together have been lost

Buddy WRAX542, the owner of the site has been able to patch a repeater back online at roughly 30% its normal coverage. It will take some time to get the Zello controller replaced, this device is expensive and needs to be imported from Hong Kong.

Chain O’ Lakes Changes 

As some of you know the Chain O’ Lakes machine was offline for over a week. Due to ongoing interference with another system I took this time to repair the faulty power supply and change the frequency to 462.625. During this visit I fond the repeaters power amplifier to be failing. Currently the repeater is running at 20W. I am in the process of building a replacement machine and hope to install it in the coming weeks and restoring it to 50W

Website Changes

We have added a Calendar to the website for the posting of nets and events. Our website contains a ton of good info and has a user forum for our members to make contact on the web. In addition you can look up other members and customize your own profile so other members can “get to know you” so to speak. If you have not yet discovered the linking map now is a great time to take a look!

Thanks and 73’s

Hope to hear you on the air!

The Midwest GMRS Team



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