As most of you are aware the Durwards Glen site has been off of the network for several months. I am happy to report the internet issues have been resolved. On 12/29/19 Ryan (669) and Corey (593) set out for the site under rain and fog at 3AM. Ryan making the trip from Indiana spent 8 hours behind the wheel during his round trip, making my 5 hour round trip child play. During this visit we where able to completely replace the repeater, install a new cellular modem and and complete some tower repairs. Ryan recently started climbing with this being his tallest climb to date. I have had several reports from Adams, Baraboo, Horicon, Richland Center and Lake Mills with all stations reporting excellent performance! This spring we plan to install a preamp and new duplexer to further reliability and performance. With the new year comes a new name, Devil’s Head seems to be a fitting as we are on the same bluff.



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